Body artists honored to work with Johny Dar

Kryolan body artists honored to work with Johny Dar to create his spectacular finale at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Berlin.

On Friday 11th July, guests at Berlin Fashion Week were treated to an artistic extravaganza of music, performance, fashion and art as Johny Dar’s ‘Dare’ show hit the runway, including extraordinary body art designed by Johny and achieved with the support of Kryolan, the show’s production set sponsor.

‘Dare’ was brought together in a 24-hour production marathon, during which time Dar painted 11 models and 3 ballerinas with the help of make-up artists Paul Merchant and Gemma Horner from Kryolan,

Paul Merchant, head of make-up & PR at Kryolan London comments: “It was an absolute honor for Gemma and I to work with Johny on Dare. His designs are just beautiful, and Kryolan Aquacolor worked beautifully to realize his impossibly intricate and perfectly vibrant designs. The body art we helped him create literally took the audience’s breath away”.

Designed as a prelude to his couture collection for next season, Dar’s body art introduced a new style of artistic fashion presented alongside an exciting new realm of expression in couture.

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